Getting the most out of your union

For student officers, we’ll be running informal workshops to help support you in your role. Each of these workshops is skills-based, but also relates to an area of work that will be prominent for the year ahead. You will be not just hearing from workshop presenters, but also allowing time for you to discuss your expectations and concerns with your fellow officers.


Student Officer stream

Session 1: Improving your assertiveness


Session 2: Getting the best out of your relationship with your institution

Whether you’ve already got a strong working relationship, or are looking to make new ties, this is your chance to find out how to make the best out of your relationship with your institution. Covering the who’s, how’s, and why’s of working in partnership, this session will equip you with the skills you need to foster a productive relationship which delivers results. You’ll also have the chance to hear from a member of university staff about the value of students’ associations work from an institution’s perspective.


Session 3: Bring the Bairn Necessities to life

Campaigning, negotiating and lobbying are all tactics to help you to reach your goal of securing change for your students. In this session we’ll explore these tactics in relation to NUS Scotland’s research into the experience of student parents – the Bairn Necessities. 


Session 4: Beyond the Apathy Staircase

It’s important that students’ associations are able to communicate effectively with students so that they can get more involved in our work and hold us to account, but sometimes it’s like we’re talking a completely different language! Using apprentices as an example, Arran Cottam from the National Society of Apprentices will show us how to communicate more effectively with people when they don’t necessarily know (or care) about our work.


Session 5: NUS100 and Democracy

Following Project 100, NUS are looking at how we can become more democratic and representative, specifically looking at inclusive decision making. In this session, we will explore what you would like to see done to ensure NUS and NUS Scotland becomes a more inclusive, transparent organisation with in-depth debate around issues and more involvement from students and our members.


Staff stream


Development session


An opportunity for you to discuss with colleagues any changes happening in your association, any challenges going forward, and suggest ways in which NUS Scotland might be able to support you and other students' association staff in your roles.




Getting the most out of your union


Officer stream

Repeat of Sessions 1 to 4


Staff stream

Staff from college students' associations

For some students’ associations every year feels like starting again from scratch, and impact in the longer term is harder to measure. In this session, Harriet Pugh from NUS Scotland will cover how your strategic plan can help you to create more organisational structure, and to achieve your goals.


Staff from university students' associations

With the second reading of the Higher Education Bill, the Teaching Excellence Framework is on the horizon and promises to change university education in a fundamental way. Adam Wright from the policy team at NUS UK will update us on the latest, let us know about NUS’ response, and about how your association can get involved.